Porsche des Ostens

Last year, the Skoda 130 RS celebrated it’s 40th anniversary during the Eifel Rallye Festival. Together with the 130 LR model, the RWD 130 RS 220km/h fast car was one of the two specialised rally car models produced by Skoda. Earlier models were just fairly lightly modified version of production cars and not only produced for motorsport.

Although the Skodas were dated in technological terms at that time, they were very succesfull as they were reliable, had an experienced team and talented drivers. They were often called a ‘Porsche des Ostens’.

One of these 130 RS restored cars is now driven by Matthias Kahle, who wanted to be a racecardriver as a kid and became a 7 times German Rallye champion. Kahle Motorsport is an active company and still driving Skoda’s. www.kahle-motorsport.de


2014 Eifel Rallye Festival onboard Skoda 130 RS





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